Biden anuncia designación de centros tecnológicos para 32 estados y Puerto Rico



WASHINGTON (AP) – Puerto Rico has 31 technology centers distributed across 32 studios to find the image of innovation and new projects in industries concentrated in other regions.

“We have turned the tables on vital technologies and biotechnology, critical materials, new materials, advanced manufacturing, and Unidos Estados encabezárá al mundo una vez in todos los aspectos de la innovation,” said President Joe Biden. “Here’s what happens after him.”

The technical nuclear devices are the result of a new program launched in May to provide a total of 500 million dollars in benefits for the Comercio department.

Ciencia and the CHIPS system produced 500 million dollars from a portion of 10,000 million dollars, offered a year ago to turn into new technologies in artificial intelligence, Computación Quantica and biotechnology. There is an intent to expand technological innovation, mainly concentrated elsewhere in the country – Austin, Texas; Boston; New York; San Francisco, Seattle—Resto del Pais.

“Reject the decision, and until today I have returned to the public service that he visited and communicated with us at the same time,” the Comercio Secretariat, Gina Raimondo, said in Prensa of Telefónica Conferencia El Domingo. Advertising. Submit a request for 400 requests, more.

“I don’t need anyone else to know who I am – general manager, governor, senator, private congressman, university president – to do what the world asks and the passion to be there,” Dijo Raimondo.

The program, which combines the official title of the regional center of technology and innovation, comes with the president’s argument that the lender is in conflict with those employees who do not survive and have the opportunity to distribute others in the future. Focused on various occasions. Casa Blanca is intended to send a message and help rid the politics associated with Biden as the president’s democratization campaign begins in 2024.

Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Montana, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Virginia, New Hampshire, Missouri, Kansas, Maryland, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Minnesota, Lower Mainland, Carolina del Sur, Georgia, Florida , Nueva York, Nevada, Missouri, Oregon, Vermont, Ohio, Maine, Washington and Puerto Rico.



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