Director de conferencia de tecnología renuncia tras declaraciones públicas sobre guerra Hamas-Israel



Nueva York (AP) – Paddy Cosgrave, general director of Web Summit, a technology conference based in Israel, will announce product and media shipments for creative publications coming to the country.

A speaker at the Web Summit, which could host one of the world’s largest technology conferences, was obtained by The Associated Press on a public network for electronics, which named a new CEO and which the conference owns at the company. The message comes first in the list.

Cosgrave, an Irish monarch and Web Summit funder, said in a social media post that private comments “if they are converted to a distance from the event and site location, new ones will be sent to those who are there.”

“The new child sincerely discovered what happened to him,” agregó.

Cosgrave village and a notice containing the advice of the government of Israel and Hamas that extends to Trabajo Lugares in other parts, the most important of the Trabajos without the order of the emperors that quejan de que sus voces express their opinion no son Escuchadas.

The Islamic defenders of derechos have a large part of the respuesta company and a mini-mizado and sufrimiento in Gaza, and people miles from Muerto for the bombardios of Israel, and they create an atmosphere inside the trabajodores of the time that they want to express from apoyo a los palestinos. Judíos han criticizedo espuestas tibias o las reacciones lentas al ataque de Hamas del 7 October que 1,400 men Israel y desató la última guerra party.

Several industry giants – including Mattel, Meta and Google – canceled their participation in the conference, which included a large message and critic who criticized Hamas and educational media the moment they entered the home screen. Protect Us General Opinion Against Conflict

Share it publicly on your site properly”.

“Guerra Cremenes are Guerrera Cremenes that come to Aliados, and they love them,” Anadio.

In these days, I will update you on “If this Hamas is angry and hateful” and also that “Israel is linked to a defender, because it has no link, it is violating international positions.”

We discovered on October 17 in the blog of the Web Summit and after the publication of the company in X cuenta, we confirm that “if you need this moment, you do not send it.”

“My intention is es y siempre ha sido luchar por la paz”, agregó.

“También creo que, the defenders, Israel received international derecho and Ginebra conventions, es decir, no comer crímenes de guerra. This is the place that applies to your loved ones and your loved ones. “Ningún país deberia incomplir estas leyes, aunque se cometieran atrocidades contra él.”



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