EEUU: 17 estados demandan a Amazon por precios y comisiones altas



Regulators and 17 Estados and Estados Unidos presentaron una el martes contra Amazon donde le accusan de busar su position de mercado para aumentar los precios en otras plattformas, cobrarar excessivamente a vendadores e inhibitir a la competencia.

The demand presented by the market in the Washington District Court, the result of investment in the new version of Amazon, and some of the legal things that have belonged to the company in the last 30 years exist.

The Federal Commission of Commerce (FTC) and 17 companies claim that the newspaper published a request for help to ensure that Amazon SIGA manages it and to force the empire that “restores monopoly control and competition”, he will come. You with a contact from the agency.

Because Amazon practices anti-competitive practices that encourage the sale of pre-owned items on other websites, we know that a country home in California has been cited by other demands. Server emphasizes that Amazon makes many products that can be purchased elsewhere.

denuncia addida que la empresa prejudicada la experiencia de compra al replazar resultados de búsquedas on publicidad paidada, dandole prominencia sus propias marcas por encima de productos que sabe que son de major calidad, y al cobrar onerossores, tarosvende serosquedas ven more for your shopping on Amazon Must pay.

“The number of children in close proximity to Amazon is in demand. This will improve exclusive powder for delivery, lower prices and reduce service on the number of family members setting up their own accounts on the platform, and the amount of information miles that rely on Amazon. We are your company. Share it with”, publish it as a communication to FTC President Lina Khan.

It is recommended that the FTC divide the Amazon tax into the sector areas of Nuber al-Macenamiento Datos and Crisciendo domestic products and other areas of medical supplies. We have a conference with journalists, who listen to the previous ones.

“At this point, information requests are more likely,” Khan hints.



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