EEUU busca que el acceso a la banda ancha sea un servicio esencial, como el agua o la electricidad



Las históricas normalidad de la Red that se rescindieron durante el gobierno de Donald Trump could return as part of a new effort de la Presidente de la Comisión Federal de Comunicaciones de Estados Unidos, Jessica Rosenworcel. Las reglas reclassificarian el accesso la banda ancha como un servicio essencial, como el agua o la electricity.

“Para que todos, en todas parts, disfrute de todos los beneficios de la era del Internet, el accesso el Internet debe ser algo más que accesible y equiible”, Dijo Rosenworcel during an event at the Club Nacional de Prensa.

The standard operating system uses a network and mobile phone band services at the same time as a new telecommunications service that comes with Título II of Comunicaciones services. Check the availability of proven internet blocking services or regular access to the internet and “fast speeds” that make for a very high value video.

The media creates the files from which the Democrats manage the color and control the mayor of the Federal Commission of Communications (FCC for their money in English), the first time President Joe Biden carries the cargo in 2021, the new cause Commissioner de la FCC, Ana Gómez, prestó juramento .

Rosenworcel said the FCC will vote in October to get comments from other public companies.


What is the new color red?

The color red is neutral and principio bajo is the same as the Internet that is attached to the content of the Misma format, and it is the fundamental of the quality in which the Internet works to create this creation. After registration, defenders preoccupation of Internet companies that powder companies, then block or slow down applications that compete with sus propios services.

The largest telecom companies are joined by other telecom companies in the tribunals. Aseguran que las norms pueden socavar las inversiones en la banda ancha y provocare incertidumbre sobre cuáles son las racticas empresariales acceptable.


What is the historical background of the new country?

Derecho Professor Tim Wu, who currently works at Columbia University, became a “neutral red light” in 2003 for arguing in favor of global ideals that demonstrated that the main Internet discriminators against technology and loss services are the ones you choose along with other aspects of your surroundings. Discrimination, arguyó, sofocaría la allows innovation. There are many large telecommunication companies that use conductor control caps that you use and pose.

The FCC approved the standard in 2015, and we have a voice that assures group members and guarantees that cable companies and telephones have no control over content. While the norm is visible, a browser that comes with Comcast doesn’t allow you to share with your clients the fastest way to Netflix or block or connect to the application.

Red Torgaron’s neutral standards at the FCC are their company’s faculty for commercial practices that prohibit any estabhan clarity. Por ejemplo, durante la presidencia de Barack Obama, la FCC dejo que las racticas de “tarifa zero” por parte de AT&T violated la neutralidad de la net. The giant of telecomunicaciones eximió a su propia aplicación de videos de los limites de toros celulares, lo que les ahorraba a algunos de sus clients algo de dinero, y dijo que las aplicaciones de videos competidoras debian pagar para obtenrato. Since de facto chairman, Ajit Pai, the FCC has redoubled its duties to AT&T’s rivals, including those who implemented a deshacer plan to complete the red neutral standard.

A federal tribunal of appeals ratificó las normas en 2016 luego de que los providos de banda ancha entablaron una demanda.

After the ban, the FCC made policy decisions adopted during the Obama presidency in 2017. More una decadada de federal supervision with media supuso una ruptura radical.



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