Gracias al ADN, la ciencia halla que el Homo sapiens se mezcló con otras clases de humanos



What is the characteristic of this man?

Durante largo tiempo, la respuesta paresia estar Clara. Nuestra species, Homo sapiens – complete with pens and emoji – in the afterlife of humans on Verdaderos in the middle of the world. It’s already ready, like the Neandertales, solo Habián sido un paso a lo largo de la ruta de la evolution, y Habián desaparecido porque nosotros eramos una major version.

Ahora this image is there.

In recent years, we have investigated the potential of retired ADNs of Antiguas hominidos, including nuestros anestros and otros parentes bipedos. ADN Antiguo’s detection technology has revolutionized the system in human history studios and is growing rapidly, with a constant flurry of studios exploring human genes that habitually hold a lot of history on the planet.

With more facilities and artefacts, our ADN Hall has a different idea: we have no special facilities. Durante compared the main part of human history from Tierra with other sections of the human Temprano and other groups extending to other parts of the world.

“I feel like I am completely human. Peru, interestingly, is different from the humanos,” said Chris Stringer, an expert on human evolution at the Museo de Historia Natural de Londres. “Una forma distinta de ser humano”.

If they are people, there are ten humans who interact with each other – they are included – in other groups, including Neanderthals, children, and the “fantastic imaginations” that are part of the ADN.

“The (real) story is hidden in the history of humanity, and one that exists only among us,” Dijo Stringer.

Un mundo con muchos hominidos

Our scientists know that these Homo sapiens have been in Africa for more than 300,000 years, and this has become one of the most important domestication ranges, explained Rick Potts, director of the Sobre el Origine de los Humanos del Smithsonian program.

Los Neandertales Andaban in Europa. Homo heidelbergensis and Homo naledi live in Africa. Homo floresiensis, home to the Hobbit in the country, lives in Indonesia, where Homo erectus, through the Big Hole, is in contact with Asia.

Scientists come to the attention of people who simply don’t know what they are doing. They also come to the main news: links that diverge from our location come and look at them in different directions.

I need all the things that complete your perfect composure. Los neandertales pintaban muros en las cuevas, los homo heidelbergensis cajaban animales grandes como los rhinoceros y los hippopotamos, y algunos científicos creen que incluso el Homo naledi – he tenia un cerebro pequeno – entreraba sus muertos en los systèmes de los Cuevas Sudanese people. Whatever we wanted before the evolution of Homo Sapiens we were ready to create humans.

Losing Your Money Already: If there are other types of humans that are not related to Homo Sapiens, do these people interbreed with others?

For some people, I have a hard time imagining. Most argue that, in the middle of the day, Homo sapiens came across the country in Africa, with other groups sinning differently from others. Archelogos of the University of New York at Stony Brook said that whatever was in between the Neandertals and Homo sapiens rivals that “if you had contact with each other, that could potentially get into yours.”

el adn ravela secretos antiguos

Peru ADN has disclosed about other interactions, indeed some changes have been made.

In 2010, génética sueco svante pabo y su equipo amarón un complicado rompecabezas. The use of anti-ADN fragments has re-united the entire Neanderthal genome, and many of them are impossible to decipher for the reason that they were obliged to start the Nobel Prize in a new way.

It is this capacity, and continuity, that is most important for ADN Antiguo Revolution El Campo.

For the whole world, many of the scientists who apply these technologies are in one house and there are a very small number in contact with us in a country in Siberia, the Halloween genes of which are not matching with the one located in the interior, Diego Benes Viola , an anthropologist at the University of Toronto, which is part of the investment tools available. The era of a new specificity of the hominido, a conocido as denisovano: los primos de los seres humanos identificados solo a partir de su adn.

Armados with the genomes of Neanderthals and Denisovans, scientists who compare them with present-day people, and the Baskar Trozes of ADN which match. When the rooms are closed, they give off hints of the color of mezcala.

la nueva historia humana

The ADN evidence extends beyond Homo sapiens, with groups including mostly New Zealand and Denisovans. There is also evidence of other “fantasies about fossils” the group has produced, part of Nuestro Génetico, but some of the fossils are not even one.

It’s difficult to be precise about how you might interact with each other. A parentemente nuestros ancestos se mezclarón with los Neandertales poco después des de salir de Africa y dirigirs hacia Europa. Denisovano is likely to cross this part of Asia.

“Ellos no tenien un mapa, no sabian hasia donde se dirigiyan”, Dijo Potts, Dale Smithsonian. “As the ascenders of Proxima Colina y Léger al Siguente Valle, they are in conflict with those who live in a different neighborhood, and they also share in the intercambiron genes.”

Therefore, while it is possible to see different types of Homo sapiens for these Neanderthals – the fire of the mayor of Tamano who has found them in most of the cortos -, in the same way it was difficult to make “Muro” inside the group.

“Chances are: ‘Oh, this person is the one who lives the longest,’” agrees. “Your skin color is different. This is where we live. “Peruvian son Buenos gentes, vamos a traitor de hablar con alas.”

Neandertales Complejos

The idea of ​​these modern humans, and especially humans in the country, has formed the foundation for the development of the “Colonialism and Decolonization” era, led by Janet Young, curator of Anthropología Physica at the Museo Canadiennes de Canadiens. Historia.

Neanderthal paintings, created to reference a European party scene, would appear in text libros and other music books.

New people have learned to complete the idea of ​​​​what makes anti-virus products, most of the same people, they put a camera that leads and develops more components made by people of Homo sapiens, who are young . Along with genetics, the other halls of the Archeologicos have most of what Neanderthals have to offer, coming in casas, coquinas, heramientos and art creations.

Formas, ahora sabemos que nuestros primos humanos antiguos erán como nosotros una pasor-y forman part de lo que ahora somos-, The idea of ​​hombres from las cavernos is similar to eliminar.

That was artist John Gurche’s intention. It specializes in creating lifelike human models that are on trust for museums, including the Smithsonian and the Historia Naturalis Museum, with the help of others who create the furniture that covers the day in the artistic halls.

Cranios y esculturas miraban des las repisas de studio este año mientras trabajaba en la cabeza de un Neanderthal, empujando trojos de cabello en la pill de siliconea.

The new home page has nothing to do with it, so it says: “There is a photo of the caveman home that is much older.”

Para el, tener las bas scientificas correctas es importantes. There are many different types of humans and simulators to display their anatomy, and sometimes they feel they are displacing the emotions they represent.

“It’s all coming together and living and breathing is personal. You sent Tristeza and Alegria and Dolar”, said Gurche. “It doesn’t come from the rest of the world; No son creates brilliant imaginations. “Estuvieron Live.”

Aun Falton Muchos Nexos Por Haller

Scientists do not have access to genetic information such as who they are related to, especially if they are truly anti-aging or in a very favorable climate. No one wants to repopulate much of Africa ADN Antiguo, because Homo sapiens evolved in the first place to deplete calories and humidors.

Today, many people have learned that the technology behind the ADN system continues to grow as the world has more information and new pictures of human history as genomes are obtained from other parts of the world.

However, it is possible for people to live next door, and there are many other groups that decide on an important papal in the new history and present day. For the part of a human being that communicates with another person, see Mary Prendergast at Rice University.

“I checked the fossil register, the archeology register, the genetic register”, prompts, “I think we’re going to split each other up.”


El Departemento de Salud y Ciência de Associated Press received the Apoyo del from Grupo de Medios Científicos y Educativos del Instituto Médico Howard Hughes. AP is responsible for this content.



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