India’s Avengers assemble at the Wankhede



I am Iron Man.

Those four words gave birth to a whole new universe and there was a moment at the Wankhede Stadium on Thursday, which had the potential to do the same. Our hero had been struggling till then, getting beaten at both ends of the bat. One of them was a chance to catch and as it went down he decided enough was enough.

Out came the cover drive.

That’s his signature.

He is saying “I am.” Virat Kohli

He made five errors in his first 20 balls. He hit that shot and would miss just seven more for the rest of his 94-ball innings. No. 49 It seemed inevitable. And it is going to happen in front of real life Sachin Tendulkar Reel Life Sachin Tendulkar. An entire universe’s worth of content is going to come alive until…

long ago Dilshan Madushanka Kohli was out for 88, having already had his Avengers moment. He was Hawkeye, who for some reason was happy to go against the army from space and defeated the AI ​​with nothing more than a bow and some tricked out arrows. Madushanka’s offcutter is like a curved arrow. And it went up against one of the most dominant batsmen of this World Cup and bowled him all the way. For a second Rohit Sharma thought he had it covered. The next time he was looking back at the off stump lying on the ground.

Shreyas Iyer This year was injured for many. He was shot in the back. His powers are gone. He even wondered if he would ever get it back. Today, batting in the shadow of the two Little Masters, and playing alongside their heirs apparent, he shook off his earlier injury and hit Kasun Rajitha for a straight six over 106m, the biggest of the tournament. Someone grab that footage and shout “Shreyas Smash!” Pronounces the word.

Jasprit Bumrah Led Zeppelin should start running. He’s already doing all the other Thor stuff. The ball that comes out of his hand zig-zags like lightning. Imagine facing lightning. Pathum Nisanka took that responsibility and he did not do well at all. The ball that dismissed him and brought down Sri Lanka was cornered, then straightened after pitching. Jig. wake up Nisanka was completely squared up and when the umpire adjudged him lbw, the noise it created at Wankhede was thunderous.

So we went through the OGs and those guys are great but there’s one from the general you know one. Good luck Gill Certainly one knows. He voiced Spider-Man in Hindi dubbing Across the Spiderverse. And while his hands may not be able to shoot nets, they do this other thing that’s equally awesome. They enable him to hit balls that clip the middle and top of the off-stump – basically neither short nor wide – with a horizontal bat – like cut and pull – and find the boundary.

That’s bad, because these balls require a full face, and when you turn the bat horizontally to meet them, you’re offering less than a full face and therefore reducing your chances of making contact and increasing your chances of rejection. This bit of logic didn’t seem to matter at all to Gill as he took balls that would have crashed into his wicket and sent them for fours not once but twice – a cut shot in the fifth over and a pull shot in the 30th over.

There is a fan theory about Avengers Endgame that the director, the Russo brothers, sidelined Captain Marvel because he was too powerful. At the beginning of the movie, he says something about other planets needing protection and leaves Captain America and Black Widow to deal with Thanos with whatever resources they have. Then he comes for the final fight and destroys everything in his path. Sound familiar? Mohammed Shami I did not play the first four matches of this campaign. But since he has come, he has picked up a five-for, a four-for and another five-for. He is now India’s highest wicket taker in World Cup history.

India’s Avengers have assembled. And they are all heading to the semi-finals.



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