Mathews becomes the first to be dismissed timed out in international cricket



Angelo Matthews He became the first player in international cricket to be timed out after a helmet malfunction in Sri Lanka’s World Cup group match against Bangladesh in Delhi, adding more drama to an already underwhelming contest.

Mathews was already on the field and making final preparations before taking the strike against Shakib Al Hasan. His helmet strap broke just as he was tightening it around his chin. He called for a replacement helmet, which got him run out by Chamika Karunaratne. Shakib then appeared to start a discussion with umpire Marais Erasmus, after which Mathews, as he was not ready to face his first ball within two minutes to do so as allowed in the ICC Playing Conditions, was informed that his time was up.

During the innings break, the reserve umpire Adrian Holdstock Explained the process behind the dismissal of the broadcaster Star Sports: “The fielding captain began to plead with Marais Erasmus, who was the permanent umpire, that he wanted to plead for time-out.”

Mathews had not yet donned the new helmet and Karunaratne was still standing near the pitch when the news of his dismissal was relayed to Mathews. At this stage, at least three minutes and twenty seconds had passed since previous batter Sadira Samarawickrama was out.

Matthews initially thought the umpire was not serious, but quickly responded with a concerned expression and engaged in lengthy discussions with both Erasmus and square-leg umpire Richard Illingworth.

Erasmus then approached Shakib and had a quick talk (the second of the two), after which Mathews also spoke briefly to Shakib, who offered to comfort Mathews on the shoulder. But in the end, the decision to rule him was upheld, with Matthews gesturing more animatedly and visibly upset from his broken helmet strap.

By the time Mathews was officially out, Bangladesh had long since broken their bones, and had taken their place on the field, with Shakib at the top of his mark, ready to bowl.

“As a batsman I think you have to make sure you have all the tools you have to make sure you get there, because you actually have to be ready to receive the ball in two minutes – not prepare or be ready to take the guard,” Holdstock said. Ian told Bishop at the break of the innings, confirming that there would be no penalty for equipment malfunction. “So technically, you should probably be there within 15 seconds to make sure all those things are in place before you actually receive the ball.”

Holdstock also said two minutes had already passed between Samarawickrama’s dismissal and the strap “becoming an issue” for Matthews. “And this afternoon, the batter wasn’t ready to take the ball in those two minutes, even before the strap became a problem for him. Two minutes passed before he got the next delivery.”

Video footage of the incident showed that somewhere between one minute and 50 seconds and one minute and 55 seconds had passed since Samarawickrama was dismissed.

The ICC Playing Conditions clearly state that the batter must be ready to receive the ball within two minutes, which Mathews was not: “40.1 Time Out 40.1.1 After the fall of a wicket or the retirement of a batter, the incoming batter must, until time is called, , be ready to receive the ball or be ready to receive the next ball within two minutes of another batter’s dismissal or retirement. If this requirement is not met, the incoming batter is out, timed “out.”

Mathews was visibly upset at the way he was dismissed when he left the field. As he left the field, he kicked his helmet in frustration and cut his bat.

His dismissal left Sri Lanka in significant trouble, at 135 for 5. Charith Asalanka then scored a century, though, helping his side recover to 279.



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