Robert Saleh, players OK with Aaron Rodgers calling out Jets



Florham Park, N.J. — New York Jets coach Robert Saleh and key veteran leaders had no problem with the injured quarterback. Aaron Rodgers — in absentia — calling the team for its sideline brawl. They agree with his take.

“He’s right, man, you can’t blow up and show our frustration on the sideline — especially on the sideline,” the cornerback DJ Reid said Wednesday.

Rodgers, who is rehabbing a torn Achilles in California, said Tuesday on the “Pat McAfee Show” that the Jets “have to get a little bigger” and “hold our position a little better.” He said the team – two-time losers – must do a better job of dealing with negativity.

Saleh said, he has no problem with long-distance commentary.

“He’s a coach like a player, and he’s been around youth and he’s been around adversity and he’s seen it all,” Saleh said. “So for him to recognize that and talk through it, I think he’s not wrong in that when you’re feeling down, it’s easy to look for answers when sometimes the most important answer is internal.

“As far as what he says is concerned, he’s not wrong,” he added. “But at the same time, it’s just a bunch of young guys showing a little frustration, but they’ll be fine.”

During the Jets’ 15-10 loss to the New England Patriots, the going was back and forth Michael Carter and wide receiver Garrett Wilson Engaged in animated discussions with assistant coaches. They were caught on camera, fueling perceptions of dysfunction. Both players downplay events, chalking them up to the heat of the moment. the center Conor McGovern Didn’t mind Rogers’ comments.

“Yeah, he’s trying to be encouraging,” McGovern said. “We shouldn’t be banging on the sidelines, whether it’s positive or negative. It brings the wrong energy. If it comes down to that kind of behavior, it can cause panic and you don’t need that around.”

Rodgers became a team leader when he arrived from the Green Bay Packers in April. His Week 1 injury took him away from the team, but he still wants to be involved despite being 2,800 miles away. He is a member of the Jets’ Leadership Council, which is made up of top vets, and according to the players he contributes weekly encouragement and words of encouragement to the council’s group lessons.

But having an injured player outside the building and with such a high-profile platform to share his weekly thoughts on the team is an unusual dynamic. Saleh does not see this as an unhealthy situation.

“No, it’s not going to be a problem,” he said. “I don’t think it should be. He’s part of this team, and he has thoughts, and I think he’s done a really good job of expressing those thoughts respectfully.”

Reed said they appreciate Rogers’ leadership, whether he’s current or on the other side of the country.

“Oh, sure,” Reed said. “Aaron, he’s definitely left an impression in this locker room. We have the utmost respect for Aaron and whatever he says. Everybody listens.”



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