Taiwán investiga a empresas sospechosas de vender chips a Huawei



HONG KONG (AP) — Taiwanese automakers are investing in new models with the latest technology from China as Huawei installs installations for semiconductor fabric.

Ministry of Economy, Wang Mei-hua, Viernes that investigation determinari si las empresas han violado las normas que prohiben las ventas de tecnologia y equipos confidentiales de China.

The Ministerio de Asuntos Economics is also a proven semiconductor and fabril service for interrogerlos después que un informe de la Gencia Bloomberg sotuvo que trabajan con Huawei para construir una red de fabrication de chips.

These companies export technology and products with military applications included in Taiwan’s Alta Technology company list, which comes from Taiwan’s agency China News Agency and other media.

Indicaron que la revampora de materiales semiconductores Topco Scientific Co.; Construction of Aseptic Ambients L&K Engineering Co.; United Integrated Services Co. is a construction and design firm. y Proven Scientific System Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology Taiwan Co., Ltd. We will provide you with the necessary tools to prove your Huawei services.

As a result of the solar energy fault, such as multiple copies of 25 million Taiwanese dollars ($777,665).

Power and other equipment and Alta Technology services are crucial to the computer chip manufacturing process.

At this moment, las cuatro empresas no han respondido a los pedidos de claraciones.

Wang said that Sciencia and the Consejo Nacional have provided a list of technologies that need better regulation to improve the technology of semiconductors in China. The number goes back to the number of factors from the national security and technical side to make decisions that are impondered by the media, the ministry sums up.

At the end of the day, some people are listening to Cuatro empresas that prove the technical services of the technology, stories that have residual water and environmental protection signs and do not bring credit card services to Huawei.

Pero Wang les recordsó de las empresas que si usan technología y equipos estudiantes, no podrán cooperar con firms included la Lista de Entidades de Estados Unidos, que prohiben hacer negocios con una empresa en la lista sin una ha authorization.

Huawei was included in the Departamento Comercio list in 2019. The United States confirms that the company constitutes a risk for security and facilitates Chinese espionage, something that Huawei denies.



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