VAR transcript of Luis Díaz’s incorrectly disallowed goal



PGMOL released audio of VAR discussion Luis Diaz’s goal for Liverpool against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday was wrongly ruled out for offside. PGMOL acknowledged the error “values ​​were below expectations”.

VAR carried out the offside check very quickly and the assistant appeared to offer little by way of VAR discussion. Only the replay operators, who control the offside line and camera selection, understood what they were witnessing.

The referee can only hear the VAR hub when he is spoken to directly and was unable to hear this exchange, which lasted 1 minute 37 seconds. Below is a full transcript of that conversation.

Assistant referee: “Waiting. Delay, delay.”

VAR: “Possible offside, Diaz.”

Assistant referee: “Coming back for offside, mate.”

VAR: “Just checking for offside. Delay, delay.”

VAR: “Kick point, let’s go. Kick point, please.”

Replay Operator: “So, here we are. Just get a tight angle.”

VAR: “Yes give me the 2D line ready for frame 2 after that.”

Replay Operator: “So there’s frame 2?”

VAR: “That’s right. Perfect, yes. 2D line on left boot.”

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Replay Operator: “Just let me change the angle.”

VAR: “Romero I think it is.”

Replay Operator: “I think it might be. Is this angle good? Happy with this angle?”

VAR: “Yes.”

Replay operator: “2D line in boot?”

VAR: “2D line on the boot.”

Replay Operator: “Yeah, right.”

Replay operator: “So 2D line at boot.”

VAR: “And stop.”

This shows that Diaz was very clearly in an onside position.

VAR, instantly: “Check complete, check complete. It’s just, perfect.”

Referee Simon Hooper blows the whistle to restart play. Tottenham took a free kick two seconds later.

Three seconds later, the replay operator enters.

Replay operator: “Wait, wait, wait, wait. The decision on the field was offside. Are you happy with that?”

Assistant VAR: “Yes.”

Replay Operator: “Are you happy with that?”

Assistant VAR: “Offside, goal, yeah… that’s wrong, daz.”

VAR: “What?”

Replay Operator: “The decision on the field was offside. Are you happy with this picture?”

At this point 14 seconds have passed since Hooper was told “check complete.”

the game the game


The ‘significant’ mistake that led to the VAR error against Spurs. Liverpool

Dale Johnson explains the sequence of events that led to Luis Diaz’s goal being wrongly disallowed vs. Tottenham.

Replay Operator: “Yeah, it’s on the side. The picture we gave them is on the side.”

Assistant VAR: “He played him, he went offside.”

VAR: “Oh [expletive] …”

Two seconds of silence.

Replay operator: “Delay, delay.”

Replay operator: “Oli (PGMOL hub operation) asking to delay, Oli asking to delay.”

Another five seconds have now passed since the VAR team spoke.

VAR: “Excuse me?”

The ball is now out of play for a throw-in. No contact with the referee.

Replay operator: “Oli called for delay of game. The decision stands.”

VAR: “Can’t do anything.”

Four seconds of silence.

Replay operator: “Ollie is saying delay, Ollie is saying delay.”

VAR: “Oli?”

Replay operator: “Delay the game, delay the game? Stop the game.”

VAR: “They restarted the game. Can’t do anything.”

Assistant VAR: “Yes, they restarted. Yes.”

VAR: “Can’t do anything.”

Assistant VAR: “No.”

VAR: “I can’t do anything.”

Three seconds of silence.

VAR: “[Expletive]”

At this point, the audio ends one minute after the referee says “check complete”.



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